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Tennis Schmid, the partner of DAVIS Cup and Fed Cup

                           Owner of the certificate ISO 9001


Patented RECourt surface has become the official surface for the :

DAVIS CUP                         FED CUP

2011 - SVK - UKR             2015 - SVK - SWE    

2018 - CRO - CAN            2016 - SVK - CAN

2018 - SRB - USA             2017 - SVK - NED

including many other tournaments here and abroad.  We have built all these selected areas with a new system under the trademark of our company RECourt.

This surface has been refined and tested for many years and has already been used for 15 years even for the toughest tennis players  without any problems. RECourt surface fully replaces scarce, poor-quality slag, which is banned now because of hygienic reasons. 


RECourt surface is unique surface for tennis courts, Davis Cup matches and similar tournaments. Its composition is solid, homogeneous, flexible and perfectly stable. Its mixture of brick grits and other admixtures has been tried out for many year. Even in such difficult conditions of the new DC court, it does not tear the surface, stays colourfast and after the game it needs only slight maintenance.

An ingredient with lime carbides that literally change their hardness and re-neutralization in a few moments during the chemical reaction, therefore it is possible to make the surface softer. This ingredient is mixed in the patented mixture RECourt. The biggest advantage of the surface is that we are literally able to change it according to the players’s needs during the break.  The home team has this great advantage in terms of having the court tailored to their needs.  RECourt surface has the advantage of a controlled slide and an accurate ball bounce. Nowadays, RECourt Surface is in the process of entering as an official natural clay surface for DC matches and hall tournaments.

The period of the construction is approximately 3 days. Right after it is done, the surface can be fully loaded.


         Surface composition RECourt-base, RECourt, clay


 Testing the hardness and the bounce of the game balls



                     Ready for the tournament – third day



              Installation of the base RECourt – first day



                        Laying clay – second day



                        Installation of clay – second day



                            Installation of lines – third day



                             Tournament opening



Source: Tenis magazin


Everything is confirmed by the personally non-playing captain of the Slovak national team, the legendary tennis player Miloslav Mečíř, who gave an interview about the quality of the court:


"I admire this kind of good work. Company Schmid has given a clay court that I have not seen for the Davis Cup and have not seen such tournaments yet! The Court is firm from the ground, he does not play and the players have a controlled slip. Although we initially demanded a softer design to make the game more difficult for the Ukrainians, it turned out that the court has exactly the parameters we need. With Schmid, during the tournament we talked about the quality and hardness and the pitch was always set. The quality of the court has also greatly contributed to our victory, and I believe the RECourt surface will still appear at the next Davis Cup tournament and other tournaments. Great!"


Tennis Schmid, the partner of DAVIS Cup and Fed Cup

Patented RECourt surface has become the official surface for the DAVIS CUP and FED CUP

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