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Hard court

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They are made from acryl and are a great alternative, because you do not need to maintain them. You can choose from the solid ones all the way to the softened versions. They offer an ideal surface for players of all categories and ages and also a nice consistent surface for playing in all possible color combinations.


They are 100% acrylic surfaces suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are ideal for tennis courts, athletics track, basketball courts, netball courts and other multi-sports surfaces. Plexipave sports surface systems division of California Products Corporation, a recognized leader in the manufacture of high quality paints since 1926 headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts. California Products began producing Plexipave in 1953 and is now the oldest and largest manufacturer of acrylic surfaces in the world.

PLEXICUSHION ® - flexible system fot tennis

The world-renowned plexicushion the winner between flexible surfaces. It provides consistent bounce and bounce the balloon. Gust dampens outstanding properties of EPDM rubber suspension, which reduces muscle fatigue players. Plexicushion Prestige is the official surface of the Australian Open since 2008. Certified by the ITF.

PLEXICOURT ® - multifunctional surfaces

Plexicourt surface is suitable for any weather. This reinforced coating system is designed specifically for use on asphalt and concrete surfaces. It is affordable and easy to maintain. It is perfect for basketball courts, in-line hockey, volleyball or skate parks.

PLEXIFLOR® - multifunctional surfaces for indoor use

PLEXITRAC® - running systems

Plexitrac embody today's latest technological advances. Plexi Trac running track are certified by the IAAF.

ACRYLOTEX - decorativ gravel

Acrylox surfaces are ideal coatings and screeds on sidewalks, bicycle paths and jogging, in-line paths and courtyards. They are fast drying and UV resistant.

Deco Turf

The most widely used surface is the American DecoTurf that provides the world's best acrylic surfaces. It is used by private tennis courts, multifunctional fields / basketball, hockey, floorball / to world tournaments, such as the U.S. Open, etc

The entire system creates high-quality surface suitable for high performance sport. It offers a combination of comfortable motion with a reduced risk of injury and optimal playing conditions. It ensures reliable and even ball bounce across the playing field. The tiredness of the players is decreased even after a long time of playing on the court. The surface is suitable for both exterior and interior.

DecoTurf – these surfaces for tennis court are regularly chosen for the use at the world's most prestigious events. These surfaces were selected for the last two Olympics, the U.S. Open since 1978, the airline Emirates U.S. Open Series, NCAA championships and countless other places around the world.

Features and advantages

  • There are twelve brilliant colours, which offer a variety of options for your playground. See: the configurator of colours.
  • Our acrylic surfaces are easy to clean and maintain
  • DecoTurf is durable and has the property to fend off the pressure of your body without changing back to the game
  • Certified as GREEN WISE ® for the environment, from the Independent Coatings Research Group, Inc.
  • The tennis court surfaces are suitable to withstand the toughest conditions from the Arizona sun to the harsh winters of Quebec.
  • Ideal to use for a colourful design of in-line track


DecoTurf is multilayer surface, durable sprung system for tennis courts surfaces

DecoColor is a high quality, consistent, acrylic, colourfast tennis surface.

Acrylotex is durable and decorative multi-sport surface of fields.  

Types of surface   |   Surface DecoTruf   |   References   |   Do you want hard court? -> Contact us

Tennis Schmid, the partner of DAVIS Cup and Fed Cup

Patented RECourt surface has become the official surface for the DAVIS CUP and FED CUP

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