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Athletic tracks and in-line tracks

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Athletic tracks are made of EPDM granules connected with polyurethane resin and together they create an ideal flexible layer, which offers comfortable and elastic surface for running and all the athletic disciplines.


Designed for running tracks and ovals, often used as a more affordable alternative to EPDM surface ALSAPLAY for multifunctional playgrounds. It consists of a 10 mm thick pad that is made of SBR granules, polyurethane binder and two coats of a special mixture of very fine red EPDM granules and polyurethane with special non-slip textured surface. It features low maintenance, yet with excellent properties. It is certified by the IAAF.


The most durable polyurethane surface. It is made only from EPDM granulate in a single layer with a thickness of 11 mm, without any admixture of recycled, black rubber. It can achieve the longest durability this way. The main asset of this surface is the maximum durability and maintenance-free. It is suitable for highly loaded sports settlements, school playgrounds, etc. The surface is available in various color combinations.

 Elastic mat

 A mixture of rubber granulate, little pure stone and polyurethane binder. Its thickness depends on the selected surface. Elastic layer forms variant part of the base layers, improves flexibility of the upper surface and it prevents the hardening of sand and rubber filling in artificial grasses.


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Tennis Schmid, the partner of DAVIS Cup and Fed Cup

Patented RECourt surface has become the official surface for the DAVIS CUP and FED CUP

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