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Artificial turf

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Artificial turf filled with silica sand is a great surface for household, recreational even for half-competitive games. It is a good option for those, who want to play comfortably, keep the court well maintained or experience a very good feeling of matching the court to the family houses, multifunctional grounds or sports clubs.

Surface of turf consists of supporting glazed fabrics, nylon and polyethylene fibers 10-25 mm long filled with silica sand with oval grains – this creates a layer which allows controlled slide or the players’ movement similarly like clay surfaces. It is suitable for all ball games such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, etc.

This artificial surface guarantees low maintenance costs to a user. It is supposed to last for 15 years according to the load and is under warranty for 4 years. Mainly, it is necessary to point out the assets that extend its use during the season compared to the traditional sporting, which also extend the playing time. Artificial turves are laid on asphalt or concrete base, but also on unbound structural layer such as stone dust, which has a lower purchase cost.

Artificial turf is equipped with a component which is resistant to the influence of UV-radiation and consolidation of fibers. It is possible to use the surface for outdoors or for pressurized and solid halls. Colourful combinations allow varied implementations and fittings into terrains according to the type of locality.

Samples – football + multifunctional

Samples – tennis + multifunctional

Quality surface for all sports    |   Surface composition   |   References   |   Do you want artificial turf? -> Contact us

Tennis Schmid, the partner of DAVIS Cup and Fed Cup

Patented RECourt surface has become the official surface for the DAVIS CUP and FED CUP

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