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CLASSIC CLAY – artificial clay

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It is an Australian artificial tennis surface that looks like typical clay. Playing tennis on this surface is as good as it was clay, because the ball bounces well and the players are able to slide flawlessly like they do on clay. The game is played on perfectly flat surface which is made of thickened filling from fine-grained sand that is red like clay. Red dense polypropylene carpeting makes the underlying and it is laid on the concrete or asphalt.

There are some other great properties of the surface. For example, its big wear hardness or that you can extend the season from the early spring to the late autumn without the surface being sensitive to freeze and temperature changes. Classic clay requires only minimal care. The surface of the whole court leaks water perfectly. Even after some heavy rain, it is possible to continue the game within a few minutes. An exacting maintenance in spring is not necessary like it is with the regular clay courts. You do not need to sprinkle it or mark the lines. 


Advantages of the surface Classic Clay

  • Low maintenance - more time to play
  • Greater feeling of certainty, better impression of the game.
  • Always a well-tended surface
  • Surface can be used indoor, outdoor and basically in any weather.

Minimal maintenance

Clay courts attract players of all categories. Clay is a surface that needs a lot of maintenance, which is time-consuming. After each game, regular day maintenance of the whole court is needed. The spring maintenance is also necessary, but at the same time it is expensive. The costs are high, because of the regular watering and continuous replenishment of the clay.

The courts with artificial surface Classic Clay do not require much care and time for maintenance. These are much cleaner courts, because the mineral filling is not dirty and does not raise the dust like regular clay. It cannot be scattered by the wind! Classic clay means a safe and comfortable movement, clean clothes, shoes even clean balls and even maintenance which is not demanding as the regular clay is.

Greater feeling of certainty, better impression of the game

The advantages and benefits of Classic Clay artificial surfaces are not limited to any time reduction needed for maintenance and a lower cost. The player’s foot can touch and stick to the ground better on Classic clay surface than on regular clay. The slide is sufficient and the speed of the ball is optimal on Classic Clay (it is a moderately fast surface – such as clay!) Every player will appreciate that the bounce of the ball does not change on every spot of the playing field. The surface has this advantage and extraordinary feature throughout the whole day and season. A special attention was paid during designing this surface to the maximal attenuation of the shocks when the players move on the court. This improves the feeling of security, decreases tiredness and creates a pleasant impression of the game for players of all ages and performances.

Always a well-tended surface

Classic clay surface has been developed to resemble the natural clay the most. It always looks like a very well-tended clay court. A special mineral filling is color stable and the surface formed from this material is also permanently stable – you cannot beat the court and the wind cannot blow the filling away. Lines are set precisely in the basic material during manufacturing thanks to the unique system Permaline. This ensures a perfect bounce of the ball even on the lines that can exceed the durability of the surface because of their quality.

Surface can be used in any weather

A clay court needs some time to dry after rain, before it is possible to play again without damaging the surface. Those, who love playing games on Classic Clay surface can start playing right after the rain. The lines do not get damaged even if the court is still a little wet. The bounce on them is still the same, whether they are wet or dry. Classic Clay surface can also be used in all European locations – even in those where the four seasons change frequently and with all the temperature differences. They can be played on during rainy days of the early spring, during the whole autumn or in the cool weather in the early winter.

Classic Clay surface does not require watering

Watering the surface is beneficial, but not essential. The colour of the surface gets naturally darker. Even after sprinkling, the game balls are sufficiently dry and their reflection will be perfect, apart from the conventional clay, which filling when exposed to water changes into mud. After drying out, the regular clay is like concrete and the bounce of the game balls is uneven.

Is it necessary to mesh between the sets?

It is not necessary to mesh the court between the sets, but it makes it easier to trace the imprints after the game ball lands. Apart from the regular clay, there are not any dents in the surface of the court. Meshing between the sets is recommended – it is considered polite. The majority of the filling stays inside the fabric and although the particles are small, it is not dust. Only when the wind blows very strongly, then a little material can be blown away. Regular clay covers the entire area with a layer of red dust, when it is windy.


What kind of base is recommended for underlying?

One of the following kinds of bases is recommended for underlying the surface:

  • aerated concrete
  • water-permeable asphalt (5-7 mm)
  • backfilling concrete
  • mastic asphalt

Does the bounce of the ball change according to the position?

Tennis champions confirm that the bounce of the game ball on the Classic Clay surface is perfect and very suitable for tennis, which is played on a global level. This surface has been tested by the leading sports laboratories in Australia, where it was proven that it meets all the criteria and regulations of the Australian Tennis Association as well as all the required parameters. Due to the positive response all over the world, it has brought pleasure to the audience of numerous satellite tournaments. Classic Clay surface is fully approved by the Australian Tennis Association.

How long can courts like this last?

The durability of these courts is about 10 to 15 years, if the conditions that are set for the regular maintenance are kept.

Warranty period for the Classic Clay surface is 5 years, provided that the use and maintenance are carried out the prescribed way and that the filling amount is maintained at the proper level. The warranty is explicit if the appropriate tennis club or owner of the courts fails to comply with the prescribed maintenance, the warranty may become void. Persons entering the surface must not have inappropriate footwear.


  • Certificate ITF - SC/01/01-02-006 - In the 2. Category medium-slow
  • Certificate Tennis Australia - In the category SFAG




Advantages of the surface  |   Minimal maintenance   |    Stamina surface     |   References   |   Do you want court with artificial clay? -> Contact us

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